05. 01. 11. 09:04 am

Siham’s spoken word performance - from here view

After writing my piece, i had the opportunity of performing it live in front of people. I felt nervous at first but as soon as i started, this new energy came out of no where and made it easy for me to not feel scared anymore. i loved it as it gave me confidence and a new found interest in performing live. i recieved a good criticism and this allowed me to feel the need to carry on inspiring other with my words 

05. 01. 11. 08:25 am



03. 19. 11. 01:21 pm

Down By Law Featuring Bboys attic Performance

Down By Law Featuring Bboys attic are a group of 4 males who take part in dance performance all over the UK.

Jamal started in school and met Adial and then they went to dance x change and met two more crew members, then they all taught each other and they found it interesting and made a official crew, they now go around england to show off what they have and to be more known.

Clarise thought, that they where very good, especially when the music changed and unexpected moves happened. yeah, i really enjoyed watching them.

03. 19. 11. 12:41 pm ♥ 2

Clarise’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Clarise is also a presenter and feels the event is going well. She believes her presenting is going well even this is her first time presenting or doing anything on stage. she thinks everything is goin well. 

03. 19. 11. 12:34 pm ♥ 1

Siham’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Siham wrote a poem about determination and felt it  was amazing and terrifying at the same time. A member of the general public believed the her poem ” was inspiration and iconic”

03. 19. 11. 12:21 pm

The Poets…

First four poets are preforming there poems of the Olympic values. These values are:

  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Respect
  • Friendship
  • Excellence 
03. 16. 11. 01:59 pm

Gambole (indie) Bar

The Gambole Bar is situated in Selly Oak opposite Aldi supermarket. More commonly known as Indie Lounge, the Gambole is a great place to hang out, have a drink and also have small gigs from small Birmingham bands, such as, Second City Sons. They also have acoustic nights where people can go on the stage and sing or play, sometimes open mic nights are run too. 

03. 11. 11. 03:10 pm

Arts Award

Arts Award is a qualification which you can get for doing your arts things .. film, going to gigs, volunteering and developing your arts skills.  You can do your arts award at school or through arts projects like we did at Radiu5.

05. 01. 11. 08:57 am

Life’s Opportunity

Look at me
Cus I speak street
To fit in with the rest
I wear baggy clothes
To hide the figure I despise
Once a young girl
With a bright future
Now a lonely soul
In search of a destiny

I made out with opportunities
But was scared to go to second base
It grabbed me by my hands
But I choose to stay in the same place
The rest sunk in to joy
I was left with that sad expression on my face

There’s no love to give
A beggar on the street
Try to hide the hunger I feel
No thought for food
But thoughts of belonging
Runs wild through my brain

Cus life’s got tighter then a shoe lace
I lower my gaze
Never lifting my eyelids
Have to ease my pain
Cus am a challenged individual
Bullied to the core
Lost the one
Father and friend
Aint got no more

So I introduced my self to purple haze
It calmed down my pain after each blaze
Combining cocaine
AKA the snow flakes
Fell in love with the clarity it creates
Only if I knew the amount of things it breaks
The amount of things it takes away
The restrictions it puts on the words you wanted to but couldn’t say

Am weak in the eyes
Strong in my walk
Pain in my soul
Strength in my pose
Hate in my head
Love in my heart

But I’ve finally I found the rope
That pulled me out of the gutter
The one prayer
That finally allowed me to breath
And took me away from suffering

I’ve lost all I can
Too weak to talk and ask
Haters everywhere and all around
Pointy and a judge
Stare me in the eye now
And you’ll see the real me
Picky and holier than thou
Point your finger at me now
Shout and scream now
Paint and referee now
The hate that you have
But be reassured now
Ama beat it like a boxer
Run like a runner
And like a mermaid in an open sea
Swim through you haters

All of this hope appeared
The moment I told myself don’t bother
Happiness became my friend
Motivation held my hand
And raised me to the top
And gave me support when I thought I was going to drop
Believing in my self is something I will never stop.

Cus am on ma own now
I was born a champion!
Ama do it n get through it
Aint gonna be a failure now
But a success!!
You gotta lose a part of you
To find your whole self
Forget the glasses
Look beneath it
Never a follower
But a leader
Cus god makes no mistakes
I was born this way
A champion!!
A success
Determination is ma name
So watch my back
As I leave this stage!

03. 19. 11. 01:35 pm ♥ 12


The Fursan preformed at the launch. They met at spiritual retreat. Farid was into hip hop traveled around the world learnt drum skills in Africa. He then taught drumming and dancing in the USA. Abdula also did hip hop now does poetry after he came back from hajj. Abdulla also did spoken word. Now together use 8 languages to produce the word they do Islamic word music with spoken word and drums they tour all over the world to inspire others and give an alternative music for  young Muslims.

03. 19. 11. 01:07 pm

Anne Crider…

Anne visits symphony hall, the MAC, the and theaters she visits these places to attend events and support her daughter. She believes these places and events bring people together and she also believes that people should know about more free events in Birmingham.  

03. 19. 11. 12:38 pm ♥ 3

Assim’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Assim is one of the presenter of todays event and is finding the experience amazing he is  having the time of his life he loves presenting and he was really nervous but is having fun doing it and taking all of the atmosphere in. 

03. 19. 11. 12:29 pm

Amina’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Amina is a member of Radiu5 and preformed a poem in the first half based on equality. Amina was very nervous about preforming her poem as its her first time preforming the feedback from the audience was good. A member of the audience felt that ” it was a great poem and she should continue to write poetry”. 

03. 19. 11. 04:09 am ♥ 1

Radiu5 Cultural volunteers getting ready for opening of digital map and exhibtion at mac …showcase event sat 19 March

03. 16. 11. 01:28 pm ♥ 3
This Is The Bullring In Birmingham, It Has Many Shops
(Including; new look, H&M, Debenhams And Many More!)
There Are Also Shops Here That Are Not For fashion!

This Is The Bullring In Birmingham, It Has Many Shops

(Including; new look, H&M, Debenhams And Many More!)

There Are Also Shops Here That Are Not For fashion!