03. 19. 11. 12:21 pm

The Poets…

First four poets are preforming there poems of the Olympic values. These values are:

  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Respect
  • Friendship
  • Excellence 
03. 19. 11. 12:34 pm ♥ 1

Siham’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Siham wrote a poem about determination and felt it  was amazing and terrifying at the same time. A member of the general public believed the her poem ” was inspiration and iconic”

03. 19. 11. 12:41 pm ♥ 2

Clarise’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Clarise is also a presenter and feels the event is going well. She believes her presenting is going well even this is her first time presenting or doing anything on stage. she thinks everything is goin well. 

03. 19. 11. 12:29 pm

Amina’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Amina is a member of Radiu5 and preformed a poem in the first half based on equality. Amina was very nervous about preforming her poem as its her first time preforming the feedback from the audience was good. A member of the audience felt that ” it was a great poem and she should continue to write poetry”. 

03. 19. 11. 12:38 pm ♥ 3

Assim’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Assim is one of the presenter of todays event and is finding the experience amazing he is  having the time of his life he loves presenting and he was really nervous but is having fun doing it and taking all of the atmosphere in.