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Soho Road Then and Now - Benjamin Zephaniah

Handsworth wakes

But Handsworth never sleeps

And Soho road is where the heart beats,

Industrious it has always been

And the people have always been keen
To say ‘Good Day’ and welcome you
And do what must be done they do
We work and play
We work away
On Soho road from night to day
From time to time come rain come shine
We buy and sell, we wine and dine
That’s how we build a nation here
With deep roots rooted everywhere„
All of us who know this place
Can claim it as our private space
And publicly announce aloud
We’re one people and Handsworth proud
It’s brick and mortar
Tar and sweat
It’s flesh and blood
Pray don’t forget
It’s people now and people past
That made this heaven here steadfast
So open up the eye and see
How Soho Road did come to be
That place with those exotic smells
Where greats are born
And poets dwell

Those who do not care to shop
May hang around and talk a lot
Of days gone by and days to come
This is a place for everyone
Well actually it’s the place to be
Here we relax and get busy
For this story and her story
Is busy making history
To quiet corners you may find
Pigeons and schoolgirls killing time
Both will fly but both return
Both are here to live and learn
Music here and there
Music everywhere
The music that you hear
Is in the atmosphere
This road has a beat
It makes this road complete
They come from all around
To listen to this sound
Speak to people and you’ll find
It’s progress that’s on people’s minds
We take the past and step forward
As all progressive people should
When you hear Handsworth people chat
Of where the Soho Road is at
They’ll tell you truth and tell you straight
It’s simple mate, the place is great,
Through the rough and smooth we pull
Always business as usual

03. 09. 11. 12:50 pm
Acocks Green Library
Is a free lending library with free internet and working spaces. There are also CDs and DVDs you can lend.

Acocks Green Library

Is a free lending library with free internet and working spaces. There are also CDs and DVDs you can lend.

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DETERMINATION - Written by Katrina

It came like a sprinting jaguar,
A surge of energy
That ignited a fire deep within,
It pushed every muscle to its maximum
Driving me forward
To where i wanted to go
With the strength of a bull  
I would not let go
With the intention that could kill 
I will not slow
A power so strong
It carries on and on
Reaching towards the goals of achievement 

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The Fursan preformed at the launch. They met at spiritual retreat. Farid was into hip hop traveled around the world learnt drum skills in Africa. He then taught drumming and dancing in the USA. Abdula also did hip hop now does poetry after he came back from hajj. Abdulla also did spoken word. Now together use 8 languages to produce the word they do Islamic word music with spoken word and drums they tour all over the world to inspire others and give an alternative music for  young Muslims.