03. 07. 11. 05:11 am

What’s it like being a Radiu5 volunteer?

Radiu5 has fitted in perfectly with my gap year and I’m privileged to have been a part of it. I hope it will carry on or that similar projects will begin that give other people as fantastic an opportunity as I’ve had.

Anastasia, Radiu5 Cultural Volunteer

03. 19. 11. 04:09 am ♥ 1

Radiu5 Cultural volunteers getting ready for opening of digital map and exhibtion at mac …showcase event sat 19 March

03. 08. 11. 11:41 am


Sampad South Asian arts
c/o mac
Cannon Hill Park
B12 9QH

T: 0121 446 3260
E: info@sampad.org.uk