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Down By Law Featuring Bboys attic Performance

Down By Law Featuring Bboys attic are a group of 4 males who take part in dance performance all over the UK.

Jamal started in school and met Adial and then they went to dance x change and met two more crew members, then they all taught each other and they found it interesting and made a official crew, they now go around england to show off what they have and to be more known.

Clarise thought, that they where very good, especially when the music changed and unexpected moves happened. yeah, i really enjoyed watching them.

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The Fursan preformed at the launch. They met at spiritual retreat. Farid was into hip hop traveled around the world learnt drum skills in Africa. He then taught drumming and dancing in the USA. Abdula also did hip hop now does poetry after he came back from hajj. Abdulla also did spoken word. Now together use 8 languages to produce the word they do Islamic word music with spoken word and drums they tour all over the world to inspire others and give an alternative music for  young Muslims.