02. 25. 11. 11:38 am

Radiu5 60 second film

Created by FirstLight’s Digital Documentors this is a great short movie about Radiu5

03. 07. 11. 05:19 am

Radiu5 opportunities

I have volunteered at lots of events at The Drum, going to solihul to see different type of dance such as khattak and also worked at the NEC for the fashion & dance show live. As a Radiu5 cultural volunteer I have interviewed people from different cities and asked them what they were interested in the cultural and creative side in the UK.
I have also decided to do my gold arts award to gain a qualification where I put all my evidence and review what is all about and what I gained from doing this.
My experience in radiu5 was a really good, I enjoyed myself and learnt all sorts of skills such as leadership in the group, communication, responsibilities that would help me in the future.

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Radiu5 Cultural volunteers getting ready for opening of digital map and exhibtion at mac …showcase event sat 19 March

03. 19. 11. 12:29 pm

Amina’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Amina is a member of Radiu5 and preformed a poem in the first half based on equality. Amina was very nervous about preforming her poem as its her first time preforming the feedback from the audience was good. A member of the audience felt that ” it was a great poem and she should continue to write poetry”. 

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Assim’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Assim is one of the presenter of todays event and is finding the experience amazing he is  having the time of his life he loves presenting and he was really nervous but is having fun doing it and taking all of the atmosphere in. 

03. 07. 11. 05:11 am

What’s it like being a Radiu5 volunteer?

Radiu5 has fitted in perfectly with my gap year and I’m privileged to have been a part of it. I hope it will carry on or that similar projects will begin that give other people as fantastic an opportunity as I’ve had.

Anastasia, Radiu5 Cultural Volunteer

03. 09. 11. 12:41 pm
RADIU5 …..I enjoyed working at the events, it was a new experience for me and I had so much fun. It’s going as evidence for my Arts Award
03. 19. 11. 12:21 pm

The Poets…

First four poets are preforming there poems of the Olympic values. These values are:

  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Respect
  • Friendship
  • Excellence 
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Siham’s Feelings On Todays Event…

Siham wrote a poem about determination and felt it  was amazing and terrifying at the same time. A member of the general public believed the her poem ” was inspiration and iconic”